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  • I can't sync my device.
    Please make sure you have an iOS device that has Bluetooth 4.0 (low energy). Here is a list of Apple devices that are compatible with: iPhone X, iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, 12.9-in. iPad Pro, 10.5-in. iPad Pro, iPad, 5th generation, 9.7-in. iPad Pro, iPad Air and iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 2 and 3 and 4.Make sure you Bluetooth is ON.
  • How do I turn ON/OFF my VERT device?
    You will have to press on the button for about 2-3 seconds this will cause the monitor to turn ON. In order to turn the device OFF you will have to press on the button for about 2-3 seconds and you will see “Powering Down” on the monitor.
  • Do you have the ability to view in Metric vs. Imperial (inches)?
    Yes, just go to your setting page and make your change under Device Measurement. Once you change the measurement and use the device the new measurement feature will be shown on the VERT Jump Monitor display. It will also stay on that mode until you change it.
  • How long will a VERT Wearable Jump Monitor last after fully charged?
    On a full charge (takes about 2 hours) the VERT Wearable Jump Monitor will last for about 5-7 hours.
  • What is the range and/or distance of VERT with my smart device?
    The standard range is about 100-150 feet line of sight!!! Also, VERT software allows for auto-sync with data if it loses connection. So if you are not in rage, once VERT re-establishes connection it will “auto-sync” data back to your smart device if you have you have your smart device. Have some fun with testing your range/distance. We successfully tested connections more than 300 feet!
  • What is the “Book Bag Mode” Feature?
    The idea came from putting your phone on your book bag and going to play without worry about losing your data. You are now able to play your game and when your VERT Wearable Jump Monitor re-syncs with your smart device it will push your data on the VERT app after use. So you are able to play and not worry about the data not syncing to your app! Please make sure your VERT Wearable Jump Monitor is not shut off so it can immediately re-sync when you are done. Also if your smart device is connected to the Internet all that data will seamlessly integrate to your!
  • What is the difference between the VERT jump device and a standard slap stick test?
    VERT Wearable Jump Monitor measures true Vertical when you are testing or when you are playing in a game or practice. The slap stick test is a great way to measure coordination. The most accurate way to measure a player’s vertical is based on the center of body mass which is a portion of VERT Wearable Jump Monitor Measures. Slap Stick Tests measures two variables: Initial Measurement – which has variations with length of arm, person stretching that arm, and actual measurement of the person. As you know if you are doing a standing 1 hand touch, you can deviate your measurement by as much as 3 inches just by stretching or adjusting your body. Coordination/ Timing: TEST – When doing a vertical Slap Stick Test, you are actually timing your Jump, timing your arm to move during your jump as well as timing your hand to touch a slap stick as the APEX of your timed jump and timed movements. The Slap Stick Test is an excellent coordination and timing test. Approach tests with the Slap Stick even more challenging as you are also adding to more elements of coordination with speed and timing of feet for take off.
  • What is the accuracy of a VERT Wearable Jump Monitor?
    Most of our accuracy test have shown VERT to be <1”, but there are different types of vertical tests that are actual quite different: VERT Wearable Jump Monitor vs. Slap Stick: The standard slapstick test is an excellent coordination and timing test, however it is not a true measurement of true vertical performance. True vertical performance is a measurement of center of body mass of an object (this is what VERT measures). Slap-stick tests have been know to vary from 1-6 inches beginning with the initial standing touch of a person which can begin discrepancies as much as 3”. VERT Wearable Jump Monitor vs. 3D Motion Analysis The most accurate test VERT has been measured against is a 3D motion analysis test in which VERT measured <.92 inches over the time of the test!
  • Has VERT been validated by an independent third party for accuracy and performance results?
    YES! VERT was honored to have the University of Calgary, Sport Injury Prevention Research Centre include VERT technology in their most recent independent study on jump count and vertical jump accuracy analysis studies. The study included the following vertical jump test equipment: Kintrak 3D motion analyzer, force plate, slap stick and VERT wearable jump device. The VERT wearable jump device was the most accurate when compared to a Kintrak 3D motion analyzer with a mean error of -.945 inches (less than 1”!). The VERT wearable jump device was the only test device that has the capability to be used in a real-time practice or game vs. other vertical jump test equipment.
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