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VTS Advanced

FULL SERVICE analytics and performance lab services.  


Let players play and coaches coach. We break down the analytics and we provide you with full reporting for your players and for your team. Each VTS client has their own dedicated analytics and performance team available at all times. 

CUSTOM REPORTING we do all the work for you.

Schedule a presentation: video call, phone call or in person meeting with our Performance Lab team.

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Team Trend Reports:

Sample team reporting. Includes weekly reporting, team reporting and individual player analytics. Our analytics lab will work with you and analyze the numbers so you can focus on coaching.  

Optimize Performance Reports:

VERT Performance Lab will monitor team analytics. Our team analyzes data for team practices and games. In this example report our team found that a slowly increasing jump count during weeks caused an improvement in average vertical jump. 

Overuse/Regression Performance Reports:

VERT Performance Lab will monitor individual player analytics. In this example report our team found a player's regression from coming back from a break in average max vertical and average jump.  

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