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"VERT is helping us TRAIN SMARTER and better preserve our most previous resource: OUR ATHLETES and their health."

Karch Kiraly

Head Coach, 

USA Women's National Team

"VERT provides our program with VALUABLE information that assists us in everything from INJURY prevention to player development."


Russ Rose

Head Coach,

Penn State University 

"VERT is a game changer! From beginning to international levels VERT gives us objective feedback to keep our athletes HEALTHY."


Mary Wise

Head Coach,

University of Florida

"Baseball coaches already understand the importance of 'pitch count'. Using VERT as a jump count device is saving our player's LEGS!"


Todd Dagenis

Head Coach,

University of Central Florida

"We're excited to use the VERT system and see new exertion and stress information on our players to keep them at the top of their game throughout the season."


Bruce Pearl

Head Coach,

Auburn Basketball

"VERT is the best device to easily test your jumping ability, track each athletes' progress and provide immediate feedback no matter that age... even a 5- year old jumps 14.3."" 


Ruth Nelson

Founder, BYOP Bring Your Own Parent 

"With VERT you can now monitor and enhance ability to track health, stay healthy and play longer."

John Dunning

Former Head Coach,

Stanford University 

"Now you know how many jumps a players has and you can BUILD your practices around that so they're not over jumping."  

Terry Liskevych

Former Head Coach,

Oregon State University

"Because of VERT, I was able to train smarter, MANAGE my JUMP load, and extend my career giving me the opportunity to complete my career representing the USA in a second Olympic Games."


Christa Harmotto Dietzen

Former USA Women's Volleyball Team Captain

"VERT has had a HUGE impact within our Athletic Program." 


Joe Sagula

Head Coach,

University of North Carolina

"VERT is cutting-edge technology today."


Andy Elisburg

General Manager, Miami Heat

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