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VERT powered by G-VERT Technology

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Discount valid for purchase of (1) single VERT powered by G-VERT technology. Free shipping for US Customers. Ends Nov 30, 2020. Email info@myvert.com for additional information. 

Used by over 450 universities, colleges and professional teams, VERT technology offers player management solutions for individuals and teams. 

A single system for managing player workload and performance during training, games and athletic assessments.

VERT Team Systems come with LIVE daily reporting as well as custom reports that include team and individual work load, positional averages and access to the Performance Lab Team.

Body stats are tracked using an IMU the size of a thumb drive. The VERT device connects wirelessly to the app. The data is synced in real time to monitor your athletes

Schedule a 5 MINUTE demo with the VERT Performance Lab Team.

VERT Team Options

Manage jump load to help prevent injuries and vertical height performance for up to 8 athletes in real-time.


Detailed reporting on landings, jumps and workload. Manage up to 12 players. 


Let players play and coaches coach. We break down the analytics and we provide you with full reporting for your players and for your team. 


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