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By: A.T.I. Performance

Powered by: VERT Technology

Combine Prep Kit

  • VERT Combine brings the excitement, competition and fun of the world’s elite combines to your backyard. 

    Our Combine Prep Kit puts agility, speed, reaction, balance and vertical testing in the hands of every athlete or coach. See how you stack up, track your improvement and challenge yourself (or friends) with unique training games and battle modes only available with the Combine Kit.

    On the court or on the field you’re ready to test the following in seconds:

    • Vertical jump

    • RSI (Reactive Strength Index)

    • FSI (First Step Index, off the line explosiveness)

    • 5-10-5 (numerous agility drills)

    • 40 yard dash (or 10, 15, choose your distance)

    • Reaction time

    • Balance (move better going right vs left)

    • And more!

    All you need is an iPhone, our Performance Monitor, a phonecone, and a little space. (Kit provides all but the iPhone) 

    Accurate, fast and portable. Performance assessments, anywhere.

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